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Cafe Mondo YYC special Chef’s Table Dinner

A dinner which will follow a special theme: Coffee.

Every dish of our Six Course Dinner will be paired with a unique variety of coffee provided by CafeMondo YYC.
This great idea was born thanks to a special collaboration between a great company such as CafeMondo and Chef’s Manuel amazing ideas.

The price is $75 per ticket and $10 of every ticket will be going towards purchasing food for ART Senior Animal Rescue.

Here’s the menu:
Amuse Bouche: Coffee Salmon bocconcini, paired with Sumatra Golden Horns Coffee
First Course: Coffee Seafood Salad, paired with Long Neck Ugandan Coffee
Second Course: Coffee Fresh Tagliatelle, paired with MoMo Coffee
Palate Cleaner: Coffee Granita with Colombian Geisha
Main Course: Beef Tenderloin with Coffee, paired with The Little Cuban
Dessert: Coffee Pavlova, paired with Ethiopian Kaffee Bunn