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Chef’s Table Dinner – Viaggio in Calabria

Calabria is a gem of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the dreamy destination everyone wants to visit when thinking about Italy.

And we want you to have a taste of the great typical meals such an amazing land can offer.

Our Master Chef Manuel Panfili will prepare for you a SIX course fine dinner you definitely can’t miss. It’s a cozy event we organize monthly in our store. Tickets are available now :

Here’s the amazing menu:

AMOUSE BOUCHE : Eggplant Arancini

FIRST COURSE : Calabrese Salad Tomatoes & Tropea Onions

SECOND COURSE : Scialatelli Nduja Pasta

PALATE CLEANER : Sicilian Pistachio Sorbet

MAIN COURSE :Stuffed Swordfish Prawn and citrus fruit

DESSERT : Citrus Mousse Dome