Wagyu Experience

Join us on January 5th for a full nine-course dinner truly experiencing all of the flavours that wagyu beef has to offer. We will be flying in A5 Tajima Wagyu from Japan to host this truly luxurious meal. Guests will also have an opportunity to be the first to purchase Wagyu to enjoy at home, limited supply available. Tickets are $350 plus tax and gratuity for all nine-courses, view the menu and learn about the grading of wagyu below. 

*Due to the rare ingredients of this dinner, it will need to be sold out, if not we may need to cancel the dinner and refund full ticket prices

Lina’s Wagyu Menu

  • Smoked Wagyu , green peas , caviar and caramelized tropea onion


  • Wagyu tartare , ginger oil , shallots and oyster sauce 


  • Cube of Wagyu , nduja and onion vanilla marmalade
  • Wagyu stuffed Conchiglia with caramelized pumpkin with fall sweetness


  • Spaghetti alla chitarra wagyu carbonara


  • Wagyu Millefeuille with horseradish zabaione 


  • Wagyu Entrecote with fava beans cream and rapini 


  • Apple crème caramel with fig sauce


Wagyu Beef

It melts in your mouth like smooth caramel, leaving the silken finish of beef and butter on the tongue.

The Grades of Wagyu

The Japan Meat Grading Association gives each cow a score based on its yield (A, B or C) and level of marbling, firmness, color and overall quality (1-5), with A5 being the highest possible score.

The marbling in a serving of A5 Kobe is so fine and high that the meat can appear a pastel pink or even white, slightly sweet to taste, and so buttery that it is usually eaten only in small amounts.